WebAssembly port of Fluid Simulation for Video Game (part 3) [Dr M.J Gourlay]
keyboard_arrow_left Vortex ring Jet vortex ring Projectile Spinning sphere Vortex sheet with spanwise variation Vortex tube Orthogonal vortex tubes 2D sheet {{ isSimRunning ? "pause_circle_outline" : "play_circle_outline" }} settings_backup_restore time: {{ mSimTime.toFixed(2) }}s

This web page shows a port of the fluid simulation engine for video game developed by Dr Michael J Gourlay to WebAssembly. This exercise was primarily the opportunity for myself to get familiar with WebAssembly whilst doing something I enjoy... fluid dynamics...

The porting of the solver itself was straightforward. The porting of the rendering was not... The rendering has been rewritten to openGL ES/WebGL. Unfortunately, rendering is not my speciality and the result falls short of the original, but is sufficient to showcase the fluid simulation engine capabilities in WebAssembly, i.e running in a web-browser using client resources.

Information on the Fluid Simulation for Games engine, including source code, is available at https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/fluid-simulation-for-video-games-part-3/

Start the simulation in your web-browser [it is not a video!] by clicking on the arrow below. The page will show the visualisation as it happens.